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Practice Manager & Lead Coach –           Paul Diepenbroek

What has driven Paul to practice as a coach:

Paul is passionate about people growing through experiential and consciousness development. Paul enters into a coaching relationship with the purpose of creating the opportunity for his clients to explore the real possibilities that support their well-being, growth, and development in the organizational, professional and personal context, thereby impacting business performance. He has always believed in a coaching management style to build that relatedness so vital to an optimal experience of being at work and viably bringing about a higher return-on-management-effort. He, as a practicing coach, is able to “evangelize” this belief. Paul’s purpose is supported by his values of trust, purpose, integrity, authenticity, and equanimity.

Business Coaching Philosophy and Way of Working:

Paul is a business coach and holds the belief that coaching adds value only when aligned with tangible business success initiatives. Value is realized when the purpose, insights and behavioral changes experienced from coaching are focussed on improvements for the coachee(s) and the business, alike. Paul holds the belief that a continuous shift in business consciousness is possible if human capital growth and development is supported by mentoring and coaching.
Business consciousness coaching works on our unique perspective to create new possibilities for our business experiences. Consciously deriving meaning and value from our learned experiences in business creates the possibility for alignment with renewed purpose and agency. And, promotes values that persuade behavior that informs how we go about being in business.
Paul’s coaching approach follows a framework that provides perspective, process, and purpose. His preferred coaching model is a synthesis of well-established integrated experiential and integral coaching models. The framework (and model) appropriately and practically introduces experiential learning, integral vision, consciousness, and existential perspectives into a business coaching context.

Experience as a Coach:

Paul Diepenbroek is a highly accomplished professional with 30 years of business management knowledge and experience focused on sales and service operations management in the financial services, communication, and retail market sectors. Paul first gained his experience in coaching from 2010 as part of his leadership role as a corporate (internal) coach. He is a certified coach through the ICF accredited international Consciousness Coaching Academy® and has more than 800 hours of listed coaching experience. Paul holds a Master of Philosophy in Management Coaching. These qualifications have allowed Paul to establish a strong evidence base to his coaching practice, a practice that is focussed exclusively on business coaching.
Paul has concentrated on coaching at the business executive level through to professionals that are embarking on their leadership journey. He has coached in support of corporate management, leadership, and executive development programs so that learnings are taken through experience as practice in the business. He has coached extensively in a business-to-business (sales and service management) context. Paul also concentrates on aligning coaching in support of key business initiatives, such as improving communication acuity in support of business agility and client engagement effectiveness or coaching where there is immunity to change.
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