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Facilitation through Coaching

Business-to-Business (Sales & Marketing) Strategy Facilitation:

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Business Coaching

Business Management Coaching coaching business managers and leaders to consciously change their relationship with work and experience a new way of being in business.

Sales Management coaching – coaching sales managers to develop and execute sales strategy. Coaching sales managers to coach sales professionals in account and opportunity development. Coaching sales managers to coach sales professionals to change their communication with clients

Sales coaching – coaching sales professionals to increased and sustainable sales performance. Coaching to close the gap between a client’s expectation and a client’s experience of sales and service.

Relationship Management coaching – coaching relationship managers to create sustainable client experience.

Communication Intelligence coaching – coaching to balance communication style and behavior preferences to promote experience acuity and flow in communication with the view to building trust-based relationships.

Change Management coaching – coaching to creating the desire for change and overcoming immunity to change.

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Communication Intelligence Facilitation – communication intelligence acuity influences the way people interact, engage and relate to each other. Communication intelligence awareness creation plays an integral role in communication style and behavior preference. The facilitation approach to establishing communication intelligence involves creating awareness of the rationale, impact and evidence of communication intelligence. This awareness drives the desire to acquire the knowledge and ability to communicate more effectively and efficiently. Group coaching facilitates this knowledge acquisition and the ability to communicate more effectively. This is followed by one-on-one coaching facilitation that contributes to reinforcing and sustaining Communication Intelligence.