Your Purpose, Our Purpose

Consciousness Coaching works with you from your unique business perspective to create new possibilities and experiences for you and your business.
We hold the belief that a continuous shift in business consciousness is made possible through leadership consciousness development. Leadership consciousness development creates the possibility for business transformation and even transcendence to a whole new level of business consciousness.

The level of consciousness of an organization cannot exceed the level of consciousness of its leadership.

Laloux, Frédéric. Reinventing Organizations: A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage of Human Consciousness

A Basis for Mutual Value

  • Business Management coaching
  • Sales Management coaching
  • Sales coaching
  • Relationship Management coaching
  • Communication Intelligence coaching
  • Change Management coaching
  • Communication Intelligence Facilitation

Our Profile

Practice Manager and Lead Coach

Paul is passionate about leaders growing through experiential and consciousness development. Paul enters into a coaching relationship with the purpose of creating the opportunity for you to explore the real possibilities that support your well-being, growth, and development in an organizational, professional and personal context, thereby impacting your business performance.

Our Perspective on Co-creation

How we approach coaching with you

Consciousness Coaching in Business follows a framework that provides perspective, process and purpose.

The coaching modality is a synthesis of well-established integrated experiential learning, integral, existential and transcendental coaching models. The framework (and model) appropriately and practically introduces integrated experiential learning, integral vision, consciousness development and existential perspectives into a business and personal coaching context.

Discovery Session

Your first step towards your consciousness development

A Business Consciousness Coaching Discovery Session is about sharing and relatedness – sharing about your connection with yourself, others and the world around you. And, this brought into a business context. Ultimately, the Discovery Session is about your coaching purpose – what it is that you want from coaching for business consciousness.

Client Testimonials

Acknowledgment of value

The important factor in our coaching included transparency, integrity and trust. With all these mentioned, I am able to comfortably express my thoughts and feelings for both of us to explore. The entire journey was highly focused on me and assisting me with all relevant leadership tools. I’ve been allowed to also explore and understand myself first before understanding anyone else. I can confidently say the process assisted me in taking some of the most vital steps towards building my brand. Thank you.


IT Support Engineer

I found the experience of being coached extremely positive, not only did it help me to identify, frame and clarify key personal development objectives but also offered practical tools, techniques and suggestions to achieve them. Working with my coach has materially improved my ability to empower, develop and challenge my team, and myself, to become a better leader. The results of his coaching have been evident to myself, my team and colleagues. In particular, my relationship with my manager has dramatically improved which has enabled us to work much more effectively together to the benefit of the business. My coach’s objective approach enabled me to see a clearer path in solving leadership issues and achieving my personal development goals. I believe that the techniques and approaches practiced and developed with him will enable me to continue to improve, even at after the coaching programme ends.


Finance Manager

It’s with sincere gratitude, that I embraced the coaching journey with my coach. For the first time in my career I truly got to learn, understand and experience the power of effective communications. I commend my coach for his ability to effectively facilitate the coaching sessions. He tested and stretched my thinking to allow me to formulate my own plan of actions to self-correct and improve my communications skills. He’s ability to create a non-judgmental, open and comfortable environment in the coaching session’s is testament to his professionalism. My coaching journey was the most authentic and genuine experience and I thank my coach for that.”


Enterprise Account Director

Our Ponderings

Features, Insights and Reflections
If leaders pay attention to the context of conversations, the content will resolve itself much more easily, creatively, and sustainably.

Effective communication is paradoxical in that it is often mistakenly associated with the content being conveyed. How a message is conveyed and the meaning attached to the message leaves the content open to interpretation – interpretation determined by the perspective of those party to the conversation. This interpretation is about context. The distinction between content and context in communication is a function of consciousness development.

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