Business Consciousness Coaching adopts a comprehensive approach that incorporates perspective, process, and purpose to guide individuals and organizations. Our preferred coaching model is an amalgamation of established experiential, integral, existential, and transcendental coaching models. By blending these approaches, our framework effectively integrates experiential learning, integral vision, consciousness, and existential perspectives into the realms of both business and personal coaching. This ensures that our coaching sessions not only address practical and tangible aspects but also delve into deeper levels of awareness and personal growth, fostering a holistic development for our clients.

Creating the possibility for a continuous shift in business consciousness

Paul Diepenbroek is an exceptionally skilled professional who has accumulated 30 years of experience in business management, specifically in the areas of sales and service management.
His journey in coaching began in 2010 when he assumed a leadership role as an internal coach. Paul is a certified coach, having received his certification from the ICF accredited international Consciousness Coaching Academy®. He is also recognized at a senior level by COMENSA. Throughout his career, Paul has dedicated over 1800 hours to coaching, both in paid and pro-bono capacities.
One of Paul's notable accomplishments is obtaining a Master of Philosophy in Management Coaching with distinction. These credentials have provided a solid foundation for his coaching practice, which centers around Business Consciousness Coaching. His expertise lies in guiding business managers and executives on their personal and professional development journeys. Paul has actively contributed to corporate management, leadership, and executive development programs through his coaching services. Additionally, he has extensive experience coaching in the context of business-to-business relationships, particularly in marketing, sales, and management.
Furthermore, Paul places significant emphasis on aligning coaching with key business initiatives. This includes assisting individuals and organizations in overcoming resistance to change, enhancing communication intelligence, and effectively engaging with clients.