What if you commit to a new Way of Being at work . . . . ?

Coaching Insights


Emotional Agility

How can I consciously create my responses when I’m triggered rather than react?


How can I be more present in the moment rather than dwelling in the past and yearning for still is to come?


How can I thrive and revel in my current stressful reality?

Optimal Experience

How can I experience flow while being at work?

Radical Candor

How can I consciously create my responses when I’m triggered?


How can I commit to taking 100% responsibility and be impeccable with my agreements? 


How can I cultivate my intrinsic motivation? 

Conversational Intelligence

How can I resonate when I engage in conversation and build trust?

Business Coaching Focus


Inspire as a Leader

encourage optimal performance * create conditions for empowerment * through transformation communication


Develop your Self

maintaining balance * being present, centered & self-aware * evolving purpose & direction


Develop your Business

position in attractive markets * develop a positioning statement * build account development strategies