Consciousness Coaching

Intuition; Unconscious Consciousness, part 1

The challenge that we face in our fast paced activity charged lifestyle is that our automatic thinking and feelings have become primary drivers of the choices we make. The sheer volume of our in-completed activities consumes our consciousness and stifles our awareness and creativity. At the same time, we do have these moments of absolute clarity as to how we…

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Intuition; Unconscious Consciousness, part 2

Some would define intuition as instinctive knowing.  Intuition is more than instinct.  Instincts are drives, innate and automatic, taking over with compelling authority when necessity calls. Whereas intuitions are readings, however instinctually informed, inviting not our submission but our attunement to and alignment with their message, however nonverbally structured that might be. So instead of being driven, we are guided.…

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